Life as a craft maker is an exciting journey.  Hugely rewarding, fun and at times a little stressful!    I’ve met so many folk over the years who are fascinated by what it’s like “not to have a real job” I thought I’d use my blog as an opportunity to share what life is like for a self-employed glass artist in 2012. 

There are plenty good bits!

Since moving to live by the seaside in Dunbar, I have been hugely inspired by the beautiful light on the East Coast.  The addition of Hagrid (our rough coated lurcher rescue dog from Stoke!) to our family, has meant we get to enjoy this view every morning!

Nature has always been a great inspiration in my work, and these morning walks are great thinking time.  Whether it’s the fresh sea air or the crashing waves, a lot of my best ideas arrive when I’m out walking.  With no distraction from phones or emails, this is one of my most enjoyable parts of the day.  So much of my day (surprising to many), is taken up with non-making activities like booking exhibitions, designing flyers, taking product photos and worst job of all doing accounts!  The hour from 8-9am is great for the creative juices, and a world away from our daily tube commute when we lived in London.

From here its back to the studio and breakfast!  And so the day begins...

more news and pics to follow shortly