My Work

Who:                 Amy aka glass artist, photographer, gallery owner, ex-dancer, creative, yoga loving mummy & wife!

Where:             somewhere between my sea view studio at home, our two galleries and the beaches and forests of East Lothian.

What:                hand blown and kiln fired glass jewellery, photography and fused glass panels

Why:                 Fascinated with glass, its relation to light and as a medium for photographic images.   

When:               any spare minute there is!

Inspiration:     colour, nature, Andy Goldsworthy, Saul Leiter

Training:          Initlially self taught, in 2000 I spent a year at Edinburgh College of Art studying glass with Ray Flavell, where I had the opportunity to realise my ideas and develop my style and skills. Various short courses followed over the years from Pate de verre to digital photography.

Techniques:   All my jewellery is made in 24% lead crystal. I aim to create miniature paintings in glass by combining different colours, metals, sandblasting and silverworking techniques. I combine hot glass and kiln working techniques. The mixing of the two glass disciplines allows me the freedom to create effects not possible in one area alone. My pieces are built up stage by stage, through several different firings before being silver-worked. 

                           My glass panels are created from my own photography by a special print process which allows me to fire and layer images on to glass

Favourite subjects:       trees, boats and waves.

Most memorable sale: selling some jewellery to Carlos Acosta (Royal Ballet star and choreographer) at Covent Garden Market, London.

Ambitions:               Combining my love of travel and nature, to develop my photographic style and skill.